What is Battered Woman’s Syndrome?

Battered Women’s Syndrome can generally be termed as a form of post-traumatic stress and is primarily accepted as the emotional state. Perhaps it is a state that can be described as a situation when any woman has been the sufferer of harsh domestic violence for some period. In fact, it is one of its own kinds of syndrome that majorly affects women health and can be easily classified into various stages. However, the battered syndrome stages can be classified as:

First Stage – Denial – This is the first and important stage when one of battered women’s syndrome occurs when any woman actually rejects to others about her problem. Usually, the woman always tend to make different sort of justifications for different abusive occurrences. In fact, the key belief during this stage is that the ill-treatment will never be repeated again.

Second Stage – Guilt – A woman can be considered in the stage two of battered woman syndrome when she finally starts accepting the fact and acknowledges that there is definitely a trouble in her relation. In this battered woman stage, she agrees that she has received mental set of problems from her partner. Perhaps in this second stage she majorly starts asking the questions on her own characters and keep on trying to live up to her partner’s expectations.

Third Stage – Enlightenment – This is the third stage of battered women’s syndrome. The key highlight of this stage is the battered woman finally begins to realize her importance and even understand that she certainly deserves to live a good life. She starts understanding the fact that she doesn’t deserves to keep on sustaining the harsh reaction or beaten-up by her partner. A battered woman identify that her partner has some sort of psychological problem that keep on provoking him to beat her. Though, she still prefers to stay with her partner just as an attempt to makes things better between herself and her partner. She attempts to keep the relation in tact with one major hope of change that may occur in the nature and behavior of her partner.

Fourth Stage – Responsibility – Finally in the fourth stage of battered women’s syndrome a battered woman starts feeling that her partner has a problem that can be only fixed by him. She feels that it is only her partner who can fix and solve it of his own. In this stage, the battered woman comes to recognize that there is not anything that she can actually do about her partner. In fact, the major outcome of this stage is that the battered woman in this stage may take the essential step to leave her partner and perhaps look for option to begin a whole new life once again.

A battered woman syndrome can happen to any woman and so it is very important to understand its complications very seriously. It may affect woman health and so it becomes very essential for a woman suffering from a battered woman syndrome take proper steps depending upon the stage she is going through.